Saturday, May 28, 2005

Ch ch ch ch Changes

Petrarchan Phases
small change is drastic, a catastrophic shift in
the balance of the way things had always once
been, diminished undulations of a passing life
gone in incremental devastations, never again
to hear music in just the same way, or to bite
into an apple with the intrinsic candor of a
polished red abandon, a bell gone forth to find
its clarion source in brassy closure, once
relished vigorously, an arrival that is never
more, never less, than a radical return, the
sound of clanging in cloth pockets and
a specified end, a singular cold
on cold giving way to freeze in the lea, an
expansive icing of care, so that what had once
been is remembered as warmer in a world of
what has become,
the thing giving birth to the world that is.
perhaps it is me that has changed or perhaps
the universe has stopped whirling, altered its
course, quit on fiat and on waiting for the
conflagration culminating in the end of
tiresome samsaric revolutions that drain joy
from living.

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