Sunday, September 09, 2007

Baby I'm Amazed

I Thought She'd Be Amazing

I thought she'd be amazing and she was.

A lingering sense of unreality clung to our initial moments together, probably because I had doted over pictures of her and flirted with the idea of meeting her a thousand times before. Meeting her scared me so that I determined to enter fearlessly. That fear factor may have, in all likelihood, been part of the attraction.

Sitting in front of her then, face to face, held a thousand trembling pleasures. This went far beyond the safe distance provided by a photograph. Desire, uncertainty, even a sense of dangerous risk. Awe. Competing flourishes of sense and senselessness. All these skirted the short breaths of yearning, yearning that found its source in her. And she wasn't even trying.

There was "presence" in the room with us. Her smile disarmed me. Her genuineness engaged me. Intelligence danced in her eyes and made me, made me want to give to her nearly anything she asked. She thought "nearly" a healthy witholding. As a result I wanted to give her even more.

I don't want to overdo it. But I will say I let my guard down. I emptied myself of as much resistance as I could and handed it to her. She was stern, but nurturing too. I wanted to be what she told me to be. "Strip," she said, and I did, willingly, gratefully, devotedly.

I thought she'd be amazing and she was.

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